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Case Studies

Resiblock Limited has been dedicated to providing solutions for stabilising small element flexibly laid paving with projects both in the UK and worldwide, with pavements having benefited from accelerated joint stabilisation for well over a decade without sand erosion or maintenance issues. These range from heavy duty pavements at aircraft aprons and ports to pedestrianised areas. Landmark projects, include in conjunction with Marshalls, Disney, Lan Tau Island, Penny's Bay project of 85,000m2 , the 465,000m2 transhipment port in Salalah Oman (stabilised 1998), the resealing of Chek Lap Kok Airport, Hong Kong (2004, ongoing, due to the locally sourced sealant installed upon original construction failing), and in the UK where the winner and runner-up of the PSLG/Interpave Paving Awards 2002, were both stabilised with Resiblock.