Cheadle Corridor, Stockport Road

The Site

The A560, known locally as the Cheadle Corridor, is the main road used following the exit at Junction 2 of the M60. This exit, named Roscoe’s Roundabout, connects the M60 with Cheadle Village as well as the Bird Hall Lane Employment Area, which hosts well over 1000 workers across multiple businesses and is seen as one of the Stockport Council’s key employment sites. It was determined by the council that the layout of key junctions of Roscoe’s Roundabout and Manchester Road lacked key facilities for both pedestrians and cyclists. As such a new pedestrian walkway was created in addition to improvements to the already existing cycle lanes.


Following the installation of new paving, Stockport Council were determined sustain the life of the new paving, as well as accommodating for the expected increase in both footfall traffic and cyclists. It was determined that a sealer would be required to stabilise the sand joints for the concrete block paving and provide protection for the concrete slabs.


Resiblock were contacted by Rosgal Ltd following the specification of a Resiblock Sealer in the plans by Stockport Council. The council were already aware of the abilities of Resiblock Sealers, following the successful installation of Resiblock Resiecco at Bridgefield Street in Stockport itself. Following consultations, it was Resiblock Resiecco that was recommended by Resiblock as the Sealer was suitable to be installed on both the Concrete Block Paving and the Concrete Slabs. Resiblock Resiecco primary function is sealing the sand joints of paving and therefore provided Stockport Council with a solution to ensure long-term stability and long-life of the pavers.


Stabilisation of the sand filled joint notwithstanding cleaning regimes and trafficking whilst imparting the following additional benefits:

  • Prevents jointing sand loss from cleaning regimes & heavy footfall
  • Significantly reduces staining by food and drink
  • Virtually eliminates residual staining by chewing gum oils
  • Inhibits the growth of weeds and grass in joints
  • Environmentally friendly – solvent free
  • Case Study
  • Project name: Cheadle Corridor, Stockport Road
  • Client: Stockport Council
  • Contractor: Rosgal Ltd
  • Site: Manchester & Stockport Road, A560
  • Project: Cheadle Corridor
  • Area: 1,139m²
  • Paver type: Concrete Block Paving & Concrete Flags
  • Product/s: Resiblock Resiecco
  • Date: April 2019
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