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Frequently Asked Questions

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The tyre marking is caused by tiny particles of vulcanised rubber becoming entrapped within the surface of the concrete block these should be removed with a mild detergent and pressure washing. Thereafter, seal the area with RESIBLOCK Superior / RESIBLOCK Superior Natural Matt to mask the reminder of any staining and providing excellent resistance to the reoccurrence of tyre marking.

Due to the process of manufacture of concrete blocks, calcium hydroxide will often be transported via capillary action to the surface of the paving (called “blooming”) where it will react with CO2 in the air to form Calcium Carbonate i.e. a white chalky deposit. Simply remove these deposits with RESIBLOCK ER (Efflorescence Remover). To prevent further occurrence seal with RESIBLOCK Superior or RESIBLOCK Superior Natural Matt. For further information on efflorescence please refer to our technical library.

Yes, please refer to the Product section and in particular RESIBLOCK ENVIROFIX.

No, Resiblock products are designed to work in tandem with paver pavements and if installed correctly will not adversely affect the skid resistance value.

Yes, providing those other sealers were not silicon based. Silicon sealers are very rare. If you are uncertain please contact us with the brand name of the product you utilised previously and we will be able to guide you.

These unwanted spills and splashes must be removed immediately. Resiblock’s water based products can be removed with warm water and a mild detergent where necessary. Resiblock pre-polymer urethane product must be removed immediately with RESIBLOCK Resiclean. Please note that once a pre-polymer urethane has cured it will become increasingly difficult to remove. Always clear up the unwanted spill or splash immediately.

Yes, RESIBLOCK Pro De-Ice. Please contact our team for further information.

Always wear the appropriate personal protection equipment when using Resiblock sealers , this includes gloves. If your hands have inadvertently come into contact with Resiblock water based products then immediately wash hands with warm soapy water. Where hands have come into contact with a Resiblock pre-polymer urethane do not use RESIBLOCK Resiclean as this will de-fat/damage your skin. Allow the RESIBLOCK product to dry and wash your hands with soap and water over a number of days to remove the pre-polymer urethane.

Yes, utilise RESIBLOCK Trade at approximately 4m 2 per litre. Visit the Product section now.

If your chosen Resiblock Product is a pre-polymer urethane simply allow the area to dry then abrade the area, following abrasion the area should then be pressure washed, allowed to dry thoroughly again and you can then proceed with the second coat. Always check your local weather forecast before proceeding to seal your paving. Require further help? Do not hesitate to contact us on +44 (0)1268 273344

Simply install RESIBLOCK Resifix a self stabilising sand. Please refer to the Product section for full product information.

Yes! Please refer to the Product section and in particular “Suitable for application here” from which you will find the section which denotes whether that particular Resiblock Product is suitable for internal use.

Yes, please refer to the Product section and in particular Resiblock PICS. The remainder of our Product range is not suitable for pattern imprinted concrete.

We are confident that we have the right Product for you! Please refer to the Product List and, in particular, review the “Suitable for application here” information in that list which marks where each Resiblock product can be utilised. Also, please use the “More” button next to each product for full product information, or call our friendly, knowledgeable staff on +44 (0)1268 273344.

Resiblock does not sell paving supplies, only its own range of paving sealers and ancillary products. We do not provide advice as to whether to buy Marshalls paving or Bradstone paving or any other brand; we advise you to research your options (start with a Google search on “block paving company” for example) and to talk with the respective paving supplier. Whichever paving type you choose, we can help you seal and protect your paving.

Resiblock products are designed to stabilise the jointing medium within small element flexibly laid paving preventing its erosion from both natural and manmade forces i.e. high velocity water flows, pressure washing, vacuum sweeping, vehicular and aircraft movement etc. The installation of Resiblock Products provide a maintenance free paver pavement.

No specialist labour is required, the application of Resiblock products are simplistic, generally the same would be undertaken by the paving contractors/sub contractors on site, Resiblock are more than happy to attend sites to assist a contractor with application where he has not installed our Products previously. Alternatively please refer to the database of commercial Resiblock contractors.

Please feel free to browse our Products and Free Quotes sections of this website; we would be pleased to provide a written quotation for supply of materials to your specific project. Selection of the correct Resiblock product is dependent upon 4 things:

  • The paver type to be sealed
  • The environment i.e. internal or external
  • Whether the area is purely pedestrianised or subject to vehicular trafficking
  • Any unusual characteristics i.e. flood defence scheme

Yes, please refer to our Case Studies section or alternatively, we would be pleased to install a trial panel at your site: simply go to the Site Trial page to find out more.

We are confident that nobody can demonstrate the same degree of longevity as Resiblock, we have Case Studies where our products have been utilised over paver pavements and remain functional 10 years after application. Resiblock’s world or expertise and knowledge is generally recognised as the most definitive in its field and we would be happy to bring that expertise and knowledge to your project.