Durham Tees Valley Airport Apron


Durham Tees Valley Airport handles over two hundred thousand people off to their holidays every year, which makes for a busy Aircraft Apron. The requirement was to protect the concrete block paving from fuel infiltration and seal/stabilise the joints, preventing sand erosion from aircraft movement.


Resiblock ‘22’ is a commercial grade joint stabiliser which prevents both water and fuel infiltration but additionally stabilises the jointing sand, preventing erosion from cleaning regimes and aircraft movement. Once cured it remains fully elastomeric thereby accommodating the small elastic deflections incorporated within the pavement design. Bardon Contracting installed over 8000m2 of paving simultaneously sealed with Resiblock ’22’.


Resiblock ’22’ is a specialist prepolymer urethane (SPPU) which prevents the erosion of jointing sand. The areas sealed were completed in controlled sections in a few hours and heavy traffic was reinstated shortly afterwards, ensuring minimum disruption to the airport.

  • One pack material
  • Easy application
  • Prevents sand erosion from paver joint
  • Prevents the ingress of water and fuel to sand laying course
  • Maintains structural stability under heavy duty trafficking
  • Elastomeric bond works in tandem with paver system
  • Case Study
  • Project name: Durham Tees Valley Airport Apron
  • Client: Peel Airports Limited
  • Contractor: Bardon Contracting
  • Site: Durham Tees Valley Airport
  • Project: Durham Tees Valley Airport Apron
  • Area: 8,000m²
  • Paver type: Concrete Block Paving
  • Product/s: Resiblock '22'
  • Date: May 2010
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