Domestic Sealers

Resiblock offers customers the opportunity to improve the functionality and aesthetic of their patios, driveways and paving slabs with high-quality domestic sealers. Appropriate for use on a variety of paving types, our domestic block paving sealer is not only long-lasting but also a great preventative for weed growth and joint de-stabilisation.

Deciding on The Best Domestic Sealer for You

We supply and sell a number of domestic sealant products at Resiblock, of which each can be individually suited to a specific type of paving. Our Resiblock Superior Natural Matt product is suitable for use on ‘Clay Block’ and ‘Concrete Block’ paving, whereas our Indian Sandstone Sealer Invisible product is suited for use on ‘Natural Stone’ paving. It’s vital to find the most appropriate product for your paving, whether that’s driveways or patios.

How to Expertly Install Our Domestic Sealers

In order to receive the desired result from your domestic paving sealers, it’s important to perfect the installation process and at Resiblock, our products are designed specifically for simple installation to ensure a hassle-free process. Each product listed on the Domestic Sealers product category contains its own description as well as application guidelines to be used when installing our domestic paving sealants.

Why Choose Resiblock Domestic Sealers?

Resiblock are leading providers in the paving sealant industry and in 2018, celebrated 25 years as the world’s favourite paving sealer. When investing in your home or property, you’re going to want to guarantee that the outcome and expense is justified.  If you buy domestic sealers with Resiblock, you won’t be disappointed! Our trusted reputation has grown significantly over the years and our returning customer base is brilliant proof of this.

If you have any questions regarding our domestic block paving sealer, please submit your details into our contact form and our paving specialists will get back to you, offering advice and guidance on the most suitable product.