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Frequently Asked Questions

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Resiblock products are designed to stabilise the jointing medium within small element flexibly laid paving preventing its erosion from both natural and manmade forces i.e. high velocity water flows, pressure washing, vacuum sweeping, vehicular and aircraft movement etc. The installation of Resiblock Products provide a maintenance free paver pavement.

No specialist labour is required, the application of Resiblock products are simplistic, generally the same would be undertaken by the paving contractors/sub contractors on site, Resiblock are more than happy to attend sites to assist a contractor with application where he has not installed our Products previously. Alternatively please refer to the database of commercial Resiblock contractors.

Please feel free to browse our Products and Free Quotes sections of this website; we would be pleased to provide a written quotation for supply of materials to your specific project. Selection of the correct Resiblock product is dependent upon 4 things:

  • The paver type to be sealed
  • The environment i.e. internal or external
  • Whether the area is purely pedestrianised or subject to vehicular trafficking
  • Any unusual characteristics i.e. flood defence scheme

Yes, please refer to our Case Studies section or alternatively, we would be pleased to install a trial panel at your site: simply go to the Site Trial page to find out more.

We are confident that nobody can demonstrate the same degree of longevity as Resiblock, we have Case Studies where our products have been utilised over paver pavements and remain functional 10 years after application. Resiblock’s world or expertise and knowledge is generally recognised as the most definitive in its field and we would be happy to bring that expertise and knowledge to your project.