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The Greenway – 5th Anniversary

In 2015, Bloor Homes opened to the public for purchasing the newly completed housing development ‘The Greenway’. ‘The Greenway’ is found in the vibrant historic town of Didcot, which is seen as the world’s largest hub of scientific development outside of Silicon Valley.
The Challenge

With circa 1600m² of Charcoal-coloured Concrete Block Paving installed as the roadway for this 154-home housing development, Contractors John O’Flynn Developments required a sealer that would be able to give long term protection, in terms of joint and paving stabilisation.

The Solution

In 2018, Resiblock ‘22’ was selected and utilised as the sealer for use, due to its long-term reputation and, referred to by as the “Legendary” Resiblock ‘22’, regarded as the best paving sealer/stabiliser in the world. With previous success in preventing paving destabilisation due to sand loss caused by heavy trafficking, most notably at Heathrow Airport (the 5th busiest International Airport in the World), Resiblock were more than confident that the Resiblock ‘22’ would be able to stand up to the weight of the daily traffic from ‘The Greenway’.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • One pack material
  • Easy application
  • Prevents sand erosion from paver joint
  • Prevents the ingress of water and fuel infiltration to the sand laying course
  • Maintains structural stability under heavy duty trafficking
  • Elastomeric bond works in tandem with paver system
  • Case Study
  • Project name: The Greenway – 5th Anniversary
  • Client: Bloor Homes
  • Contractor: John O'Flynn Developments
  • Site: The Greenway, Didcot
  • Project: Bloor Homes - The Greenway
  • Area: 1597m²
  • Paver type: Concrete Block Paving
  • Product/s: Resiblock '22'
  • Date: September 2023
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