Environmental Policy Statement

Resiblock Ltd has recognised that continual environmental management is amongst its highest priorities. To achieve pollution prevention and pursue a commitment to continual improvement the company will:

  • Establish, and maintain, an environmental management system.
  • Comply with, and if possible exceed, all the legal and other environmental requirements relevant to all our activities.
  • Develop environmentally efficient working practices by minimising waste generation. Where possible, recovery and waste recycling, will be employed.
  • Understand and control the risks of our activities to minimise environmental pollution, damaging incidents and nuisance to local residents whilst carrying out their normal operational duties.
  • To make this policy publicly available if requested.
  • The Environmental Management Team shall review, and if necessary alter, this documented system together with its Targets and Objectives at least once per annum.

The successful application of these policies has resulted in the company achieving the following environmental improvements:

  • No harmful emissions are in danger of being sent to streams, rivers or groundwater sources.
  • The management of all odour and noise sources in accordance with existing legislation so that levels are minimised and only noticeable within the confines of the site.
  • Continued improvement in minimising the waste produced from the activities, including wastewater.