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(Resiblock Patioseal Enviromental)

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RESIBLOCK sells block paving sealers to seal, stabilise and protect Homeowners paving including patio paving, garden paving (i.e. limestone garden paving slabs and flagstone paving patios), and driveway paving especially block paving driveways.

Whether you have just installed a new path, patio or driveway or simply wish to revive your existing paving this is the place to discover more about Europe’s leading paving sealers designed for concrete block paving, clay block paving, natural stone, flags and patio slabs.

A full range of product details, to encompass the above mentioned paver types, is provided by this site with an online shop in order that you can buy immediately. But we are here to help you make informed, confident decisions today with purchase, installation and aftercare questions so make use of the Frequently Asked Questions or contact Resiblock if you need further information.

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Perhaps you haven’t bought your paving sealer yet? Great, we will help you choose the right product now and will even ship you a FREE Sample as we are sure you will be pleased with the results and will place an order the same day!

Equally, find information here on pressure washing block paving, how to clean block paving, algae stains on patio slabs and even weed prevention on block paving. Start by reading our “Frequently Asked Questions” page and if your answer is not there, Contact Resiblock for free, specialist advice.

Maybe you have the Resiblock product in-hand and are itching to start? If you are at the beginning of your project, and need to know how to apply your Resiblock product, please make use of our full application guidelines first and if necessary, receive technical help and assistance from a Resiblock specialist via our technical helpline (the telephone number is on the top of every page). Alternative methods of contacting Resiblock are listed on our contact page.

However, if you haven’t got the time to complete your project, you are a bit daunted by the task of sealing your paving yourself, or perhaps you just prefer to use professional driveway paving services, then simply use our FREE service, called Find me a contractor, to find a professional installer in your area. Try it now – it takes seconds!


Need more convincing?

FACT: 1000’s of driveways are successfully sealed every year in the UK with Resiblock products and mostly by the DIY enthusiast. A simplistic application by brush, roller or squeegee ensures the perfect finish every time (see our Application Guidelines for proof). It’s simple:

  • Clean paving thoroughly with a pressure washer, remove all traces of weeds, algae stains, lichen and any other existing stains
  • Ensure the entire area is completely dry, clean and free of debris before sealing
  • Refill the joints with kiln dried sand on the same day as application
  • Check that no sand remains on the surface of the paving
  • Before commencing sealing ensure that you have the correct application tools and sufficient RESIBLOCK sealer to complete the task (see below)
  • Use a brush, roller or squeegee and apply the paving sealer as per the product’s own application guidelines


Whatever stage you have reached with your project, we are here to help you enhance and protect your investment every step of the way !