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SUDS/Water Management

Over two thirds of the 60,000 homes affected by the 2007 summer floods, were flooded by surface water run off!

A sustainable approach to all surface drainage is needed to ease the burden on the already overloaded systems. Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) offers a solution with Concrete Block Permeable Paving (CBPP) playing a major role.

CBPP addresses both flooding and pollution whilst providing a surface designed to support traffic loads, CBPP allows water to pass between the aggregate filled joint of each block to the permeable sub-base below where it is retained for slow release either to the ground or to a drainage system.


  • Instant water management via joint to permeable sub grade
  • Water retention-with slow release
  • Suitable for traffic loads
  • Typical applications: civil, retail, commercial and residential streetscapes.


  • Higher incidence of weed growth within the joint than traditional paving.
  • Erosion of jointing aggregate from cleaning regimes
  • Erosion of jointing aggregate from traffic draft


RESIBLOCK Envirofix is a unique jointing aggregate stabiliser. It will stabilise the jointing aggregate within CBPP whilst allowing the unimpaired passage of surface water via the joint:

  • Significantly reduce weed growth
  • Prevent jointing aggregate erosion from cleaning regimes and trafficking
  • Will not adversely reduce the permeability of the aggregate filled joint allowing the passage of water at approx. 18,750 litres/sec/hectare*

(*product tested Marshalls Priora)