Commercial Paving Sealers

Resiblock, Europe’s leading paving sealer specialists, have been protecting and stabilising commercial paving for 30 years and have provided materials to seal and stabilise in excess of 100 million square metres of paving worldwide.

As you can see from our numerous Case Studies, countless commercial paving projects have benefitted from the installation of Resiblock, which promotes long-term paver stabilisation and hassle-free maintenance. Resiblock’s expertise has drawn upon projects at airport and port side pavements, with flagship commercial sites including Heathrow Airport, the O2 arenaManchester United Football Club and many more diverse sites such as the world’s largest transhipment port in Salalah, Oman and Disneyland Hong Kong.

Resiblock’s wealth of expertise and knowledge in providing commercial paving stabilisation solutions is now generally recognised as the most definitive in its field.


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The Problem with Commercial Sealers

When sand erodes from the joint, it leads to loss of interlock within the paver system, resulting in chipping and spalling and ultimately paver destabilisation. The erosion of the sand-filled joints can be either natural or manmade, brought about by such forces as vacuum sweeping, pressure washing, heavy-duty trafficking, flood water and tidal water flows.

Furthermore, as the jointing material erodes it serves to expedite water infiltration, which can lead to degradation and liquefaction of the laying course and subgrades, in turn resulting in structural failure. This means high maintenance costs and the possibility of slips, trips and falls – which, as we all know, could lead to a costly claim for the party or parties at fault.

The Solution

The key to ensuring low maintenance and reduced risk to the public lies within providing good interlocking within the segmental paving system. This can only be achieved by retention of the jointing sand, which can be attained by simply applying the appropriate Resiblock product to the commercial paving at the point of installation of the paver units.

The Benefit

Think about it… Contractors are already on site, disruption would be kept to a minimum, and one simple application of Resiblock could prevent the high costs associated with maintenance, repairs and claims.

The leading provider of commercial sealing products

Resiblock are widely regarded as Europe’s leading commercial paving sealers. Boasting a wide range of products and unrivalled experience in our trade, we have worked on a plethora of sites worldwide, including Heathrow Airport and Disneyland in Hong Kong.

We are considered the experts in our field because we are continually searching for innovative ways to solve the problems that our clients inevitably face on a day to day basis.

Discuss your upcoming commercial paving project with a member of our team, and discover how Resiblock can be used to seal, stabilise and protect all types of paving in all manner of locations.