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Indian Sandstone Sealer Invisible

(Natural Stone Sealer)

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Natural Stone Sealer

Indian Sandstone and other forms of natural stone are beautiful hard landscaping mediums. As with all external paving this investment can be protected. Resiblock Indian Sandstone Sealer is suitable for application to most forms of natural stone providing long lasting protection.

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  •   Asphalt
  •   Clay block
  •   Concrete block
  •   Concrete flag
  •   Concrete slab
  •   Internal spaces
  • Natural stone
  •   Pattern Imprinted Concrete
  •   Permeable
  •   Tarmacadam


Protect your external paving with our Indian stone sealer, designed to act as an invisible seal that will help Natural stone paving remain in good condition and be much more resistant to staining and algae. Indian sandstone sealer Invisible acts as a transparent seal to paths, patios and driveways, providing long term resistance for up to five years. The deep penetrating formula infiltrates dry porous surfaces to form a barrier against dirt and fluid damage. The unique formula is UV resistant and provides a long-lasting protective coating for up to five years.

The application can be done in one simple coat, and is suitable with most forms of natural stone including Indian sandstone, sandstone, Yorkstone, Limestone and granite.

Product breakdown:

  • Stain resistant
  • Dries to an invisible finish
  • Resists algae growth
  • One coat
  • Lasts up to 5 years
  • Suitable for use with most forms of natural stone


Prior to using the sandstone sealer, all surfaces and jointing sand must be dry and free from any dirt; do not apply this to paving stones if rain is expected within 8 hours. Apply the sealer to the surfaces using a roller, and remove any product build-up, especially within the dips and depressions of riven natural stone, with a clean roller, sponge or cloth. Resiblock sandstone paving sealer will cure in approximately 3 hours (at 20-degree heat) to allow foot traffic to pass on it. A full cure will take place after 24 hours.


  • 4-6m2 / L

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