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Concrete Flag Products

Concrete paving flags are a versatile and affordable material to use when laying a new surface. If you’re using them in residential applications, concrete flags are ideal in projects such as driveways, patios and roof terraces. Alternatively, commercial paving products can be used in the construction of carparks and pavements. Whatever size of project you’re working on, learning how to fit and maintain concrete flag products is important to get the most out of your installation and ensure it lasts for years to come.

Why Choose Concrete Flags?

One of the major selling points of concrete is the affordability of the material. Unlike natural stone, clay or granite which needs to be sourced and cut to size, concrete paving flags are readily available at a low cost. The strength and surface of concrete flags makes them ideal for both pedestrians and vehicles as they can handle heavy weight but are also non-skid so don’t pose a threat in bad weather. Concrete can also be installed easily by members of the DIY market with a few basic skills. The flags only require minor maintenance, but the amount of work can be reduced by applying some specialist concrete flag sealant products during installation. Sealant will help to prevent stains but also connect the joints of each flag to restrict the germination of weeds sprouting up between the slabs.

Creating A Design with Your Concrete Paving Flags

Concrete flags are available in just about every shape, size, colour and texture imaginable. With such a wide range of concrete options, there are limitless design ideas for you to consider when planning your concrete installation. If you’re looking for a more natural look, then some concrete flags are available in earthy tones to add a rustic look to your finished surface. Otherwise, cooler or more vibrant colours are also available.

Once you’ve put together a design for your paving, check out our full range of Resiblock paving sealers before you begin your installation. We have products for both residential and commercial use, with samples available for you to test out. If you have any questions about your concrete flag products, then our team will be happy to assist.