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Pic Sealer Products

Pattern Imprint Concrete, or PIC, has become the material of choice for your driveway or similar installation in recent years. To create a PIC surface, a layer of concrete is poured on top of your choice of base. This is followed by colour and then colour hardener, before patterned matt is applied to the wet concrete solution. PIC has a number of advantages so long as it is looked after by using pic sealer concrete sealer.

These include:

  • Hard-wearing material that can withstand heavy rain or sunshine
  • Weed-free when you apply pic sealer to the top layer
  • Provides permanent colour which can be enhanced with pic sealer products
  • Will not sink in comparison to other paving installation types
  • Low maintenance

When to Apply Picseal Sealer

After your Pattern Imprint Concrete solution has been laid with the matt applied, you can then use your gloss PIC Sealer to finish off your installation. Our brand of picsealer concrete sealer is non-yellowing and isn’t affected by adverse conditions. Whether there are extremely hot temperatures outside, or frozen ground you’ll find that the polymers in this picseal sealer do not allow your driveway to become damaged.

Advantages of Resiblock Pic Sealer Concrete Sealer

When you apply this choice of pic sealer, your driveway will benefit from:

  • Resistance to oil, diesel or other spills
  • Wet look finish
  • Hard-wearing long-term protection

It is recommended that you apply two coats with approximately 2 hours drying time between. The first coat of pic sealer concrete sealer should be used at a rate of 3-5m² per litre, before following up with a second layer at approximately 6- 7m² per litre.

If you have any questions at all about our picsealer products, please get in touch with our team of experts who will be happy to talk you through the application and provide you with tips to get the most out of your PIC driveway!