Resiblock Porcelain & Vitrified Paving Sealer

(porcelain sealer/protector)

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Porcelain and Vitrified Paving are simply beautiful. Requires minimal maintenance by the way of reduced staining and allows Moss and Algae little opportunity to grow!

Manufactured from China Clay (kaolin), feldspar and quartz, vitrification is achieved when the baking temperature is between 1200°C and 1550°C, resulting in paving units ideal for external use.

Why not reduce that minimal maintenance to virtually NOTHING with a simplistic application of Resiblock Porcelain and Vitrified paving sealer. A specialist low viscosity suffusing sealer which combines industry leading Nano-Particle chemistry incorporating Poly Ionic Liquid Technology to produce a revolutionary stone protector.


  • Resistant to staining by dirt, debris and fluids – Guaranteed*
  • High degree of chemical resistance
  • Virtually undetectable following application
  • One coat, easy application by brush or roller
  • Lasts up to 5 years
  • No Staining – Guaranteed*


*Guarantee registration form must be submitted within 28 days of product application, and in conformity with full application instructions


  • 8m2 / L

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