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Porcelain & Vitrified Paving

Porcelain and vitrified patio paving will look stunning in your next installation. This type of material is ultra-low maintenance and offers resistance against scratches, slips and stains. As a hard-wearing surface, vitrified porcelain is ideal for pathways and patio areas, although you might prefer to continue your paving through to indoor conservatories or ground floor rooms too.

How is porcelain & vitrified paving made?

The UK’s porcelain and vitrified paving range is manufactured from China Clay, also known as kaolin, along with feldspar and quartz. This mixture is baked at temperatures between 1200°C and 1550°C, producing a stunning finish that prevents natural growth such as moss or algae from forming.

Maintaining your vitrified porcelain paving

Due to the low maintenance of the paving, you won’t need to do much to keep it in great condition. To clean your vitrified paving, simply wipe away stains, spills and sticky debris, or use a detergent for a more extensive clean.

For a virtually zero-maintenance solution, we offer our specialist Resiblock Porcelain and Vitrified paving sealer product which uses nano-particle chemistry integrated with poly ionic liquid technology, resulting in the ultimate stone protector. The sealant can be applied in a single coat, offering up to 5 years of protection and is entirely resistant to dirt, debris and fluids.

If you want to add the finishing touch to your vitrified porcelain paving installation, check out our specialist sealant products today. Call Resiblock on 01268 273344 or email [email protected] if you have any queries about our range or application.