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Resiblock Trade

(Block Paving Sealer)

from £35.18


  •   Asphalt
  • Clay block
  • Concrete block
  • Concrete flag
  • Concrete slab
  • Internal spaces
  • Natural stone
  •   Pattern Imprinted Concrete
  •   Permeable
  •   Tarmacadam


Resiblock Trade is an entry level jointing sand stabiliser and sealer, based on a low viscosity thermoplastic-acryl copolymer emulsion.  Whitish in liquid state but becomes clear when dry.  It incorporates a completely unique moisture drying system eliminating the problems common to conventional solvent acrylic systems.  Since it is solvent free it does not give off unpleasant odours.  Its function is to bind the particles of sand together and to vertical faces of the paver.  Resiblock Trade is suitable for most paver types.

  • One coat matt, two coats soft sheen (CBP)
  • Guaranteed
  • Easy application by brush, roller
  • All purpose, suitable for concrete and clay block paving, flag paving and most forms of natural stone
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Solvent free – safe for use internally
  • High degree of resistance to commercial chemicals
  • Unaffected by commercial de-icing salts


Jointing sand remains in place under most conditions, including water flows and vacuum sweeping.  Renders the joints partially impermeable to water.  Problems associated with paver destabilisation and rutting largely eliminated.  Significantly reduces oil and dirt penetration.  Restricts weed/grass growth in the joints.


  • [sand joint] 1.8-2.2m² / L [mortar joint] 4-6m2 / L

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5 litre, 25 litre


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