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Permeable Paving Products

Products for permeable paving stones are a must when constructing any type of surface where drainage must be considered. From carparks to driveways and pavements, permeable paving products allow excess water to drain through effectively and quickly to the subbase layer below.

Why Do We Need Permeable Block Paving Products?

When rain falls, it can cause excess water to pool on the surface of paving stones. Unless this water has an escape route, it will build up and result in flooding which is both damaging and dangerous to pedestrians as well as properties. By using permeable paving stones, you’re providing an inbuilt system to guide the water back to the earth, where it will be drained away efficiently as part of a sustainable drainage, or SuDS management plan. The water flows through the joint between permeable paving stones, which is where you’ll need to apply a suitable product.

The Best Products for Permeable Paving Stones

The best permeable block paving products work by stabilising the joint aggregate to allow a free and unimpeded route for water to follow through to the base layer.

Permeable paving products such as Resiblock Envirofix offer the following benefits:

  • Effective drainage whilst providing a barrier against weed growth between the joints
  • Provides excellent protection against cleaning products and heavy footfall
  • Delivers a superior stain resistant finish to the permeable paving slab.

As well as draining away water though, permeable block paving products also have the advantage of dealing with any pollutants that have gathered at the surface level of your paving stones. Spills such as oil or petrol, along with cleaning toxins will also quickly drain through the joint to your SuDS management system.

If you’re ready for your next paving project, then it’s time to invest in permeable paving products to ensure that you have made sustainable drainage a top priority in your planning. If you have any questions about our Resiblock Envirofix product or any other general paving queries, then we’d be happy to help. Call our professional customer service team on 01268 273344 today!