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Resiblock Paving Sealer Remover

(Paving Sealer Stripper)

from £95.99


  •   Asphalt
  • Clay block
  • Concrete block
  • Concrete flag
  • Concrete slab
  • Internal spaces
  • Natural stone
  • Pattern Imprinted Concrete
  • Permeable
  •   Tarmacadam


Chemically manufactured to work in conjunction with Resiblock, we supply the best paver sealer remover product on the market. We supply the only product guaranteed to remove incorrectly applied Resiblock Sealers from your driveways, paths and patios.

An effective paving sealer stripper on Block Paving Sealer, Natural Stone Sealer, Clay Block Paving Sealer, Concrete Sealer, Brick Sealer and many more, Resiblock Paving Sealer Remover will strip the full range of chemical compositions that are found in Paving Sealers that are currently on the market. Regardless on whether the sealer is Water-Based, Acrylic, Solvented-Acrylic, Polymer, Polyurethane or Specialist Pre-Polymer Urethane, Resiblock Paving Sealer Remover is proven to take paving back to its pre-sealed condition.

Our paving sealer remover:

  • Removes worn, blistered, unsightly, unwanted and inferior quality sealer
  • Works on any paving sealer on any paved surface
  • Restores paving to its pre-sealed condition
  • Ready to use straight from the container
  • Safe to use, low odour water-based technology

Upon the successful use of Resiblock Paving Sealer Remover, contact us to receive a FREE SAMPLE of Resiblock Sealer to protect your paving with the World’s Favourite Paving Sealer. Resiblock. The only sealer with a guarantee*

What makes our product the best paver sealer remover?

Over our 30 years in business we have worked with a huge range of companies all over the world. In this time we have lasting partnerships with these companies because they recognise our products are simply the best on the market, providing greater effectiveness, efficiency and safety to meet their needs. You can learn all about exactly why we offer the best paver sealer remover solution in our blog post.



  • 1m2 / L

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