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Clay Block Paving Products

If you’re looking for a natural surface for your driveway or patio areas, then clay block paving is the perfect choice. Clay is a natural material that comes from the ground and is then fired in a kiln before use. It can be mixed with other products such as gravel or various colour pigments to achieve the desired finish.

Benefits of Clay Block Paving

Clay block paving is an incredibly hard-wearing material, making it ideal for your paving needs. As the surface of fired clay tends to be rough, often with a scraped effect, this ensures that it is naturally non-slip. If you’re installing clay block paving in areas which are likely to experience bad weather, then it will resist rain and the effects of other debris well. As it’s a non-porous material, the clay won’t disintegrate and is likely to last many years before needing repair.

From an aesthetic point of view, clay block paving also retains its vibrant appearance and doesn’t fade in sunlight – this keeps it looking fresh for many years.

Using Clay Block Paving Sealers

Although clay block paving is the ideal choice for your outdoor areas, it’s important that you use strong clay block paving sealants between the pavers. As a natural material, the pavers may differ slightly in size and shape, so it’s important that you use a quality clay block paving sealer between. This will help to protect against weeds growing through the joints and will also prevent sand loss to retain an even finish.

Resiblock Clay Block Paving Products

If you’re looking to buy clay block paving sealer for your installation, we have a wide range of products to choose from depending on the finish and joint size you want to achieve.

We can offer a variety of samples of our Resiblock Clay Block paving products for you, so that you’re able to make an informed choice before you commit to placing an order. If you have any queries or require advice about your clay block paving sealer selection, feel free to contact us.