Other Products

Here at Resiblock, we offer a variety of other products which contribute to the ‘sealed’ and finished look of your paving. Ranging from tools to samples, if you’re looking to complete the finished look of your driveway, or patio, we’ve got the products for you.

What Can Our Other Products Be Used For?

With the use of additional products, this will allow you to maintain your paving’s durability and ensure that the longevity of our sealants is kept to a high standard. Whether you’re looking to sample our Resiblock products to make an informed decision about the product you’d like to purchase, or you’re interested in the Resiblock tool kit for ease of application, our equipment can be used of a number of varied functionalities.

Resiblock Samples: On a regular basis, customers will approach us with questions about which products will be most beneficial to increase the durability of their paving. Our professionals will provide customers with a detailed response, suggesting the best products for different paving types. However, sometimes, people would like to try the product out before purchasing the full amount. Our Resiblock samples are an effective way of allowing customers to gain an insight into the benefits they offer.

Resiblock GapFast Tees: These paving spacers can be used to make the process of laying paving slabs easier. They’re easy and simple to use and increase the structural integrity of all paving types. As a revolutionary product in the way that paving slabs are laid, the Resiblock GapFast Tees are a highly popular product with many of our existing customers.

The above are only a small insight into the other Resiblock equipment we offer and sell. See below to view and browse our wide selection of tools.

Why Choose Resiblock To Purchase ‘Other Products’

Resiblock are the leading providers within the paving industry. Our specialist employees have an array of knowledge and experience. They’re paving sealing experts and have the ability to proficiently seal, stabilise and protect all types of paving, whether used for domestic or commercial purposes.

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