Ancillary Products

The Ancillary products that we offer here at Resiblock perfectly complement our paving products, ensuring that each customer gets the highest outcome with the Resiblock range. By purchasing Resiblock add on products, this will increase the longevity and effectiveness of the sealants, improving the overall outcome of your paving.

Where Our Ancillary Equipment Can Be Used

When purchasing your regular domestic or commercial sealers, it’s not only important to ensure they are installed appropriately, but also to ensure that the equipment is given the best ability to succeed.

Resiblock Oil Remover: A useful product, which is very popular with our Resiblock customers. The Oil Remover is used mainly for the removal of most oil and grease stains from paving. Over time, it’s inevitable that paving is going to become grubby and stained, which is why the use of our Resiblock products is essential.

Resiclean: This is an effective, solvent-based product, used in the removal and cleaning of uncured spills and splashes. It is also a useful product used to remove other Resiblock products, as well as the tools used when applying and installing the products onto paving. Resiclean can be applied to clay block, concrete block, concrete flag and concrete slabs.

Resiblock Efflorescence Remover: Another popular Resiblock product – our Efflorescence Remover, which is used as an efficient, fast acting method to remove white lime salts from concrete block paving (CBP). The remover has been specifically designed for high effectiveness and acts within a small number of seconds.

Why You Should Purchase Resiblock Ancillary Products

All of our Resiblock products are used to enhance paving projects, therefore you may think why do I need to invest in an Ancillary product? Well, the Resiblock add on items that we’re offering not only finalise the outcome, they also extend the lifetime of the paving.

If you’re looking to enhance and improve the functionality of your paving, patio or landscape, Resiblock have got you covered. Browse our ancillary range and take your pick today!