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Porcelain Paving Product

Porcelain paving is a simply stunning way to revamp your garden or patio area. This material is produced by baking clay that is mixed with sand and other minerals in a hot kiln to create a non-porous and durable paving material. As a hard-wearing choice, porcelain paving products are ideal for your garden as they can be laid beneath furniture without fear of wear and tear, and they withstand plenty of pedestrian traffic too. However, to keep your investment looking pristine in the years to come, porcelain sealer is a must-have.

The Three Ps of Porcelain Tile Sealer

Resiblock’s sealer for porcelain paving offers three distinct benefits:

  • Protects – the nano particle poly ionic technology provides a robust barrier against spills. You will not need to worry about oil, red wine or any other type of staining when you apply a layer of porcelain tile sealer to the top of your paving.
  • Preserves – you will find your paving to be virtually maintenance free once you apply our outdoor porcelain tile sealer on top of your installation.
  • Prevents – our solution will prevent algae or moss from growing on top of the surface of your paving. We also offer a guarantee against fluid, dirt and other debris damaging your patio.

A coat of our Resiblock porcelain tile sealer product will last for up to five years – how’s that for minimal maintenance? To learn more about our porcelain tile sealer products, please feel free to place an order online or speak to one of our friendly customer service team by calling 01268 273344 if you have any queries.