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Paving Slab Sealer

Browse our range of high-quality patio sealers for use on a range of stone materials, including sandstone, limestone, yorkstone, granite and natural stone patio, which prevents green algae, mould and mildew from taking root in the paving.

Prior to applying paving slab sealant, we would recommend carrying out a thorough preparation to ensure the surface is as clean as possible, removing any dirt and stains. A quality patio slab sealer will make the area water resistant and making it much harder for algae and lichens to take root. Our paver sealer will also help to protect the patio slabs natural colour, preventing strong and harmful UV rays from penetrating the stones and altering its natural colour. Our patio sealing products are easy to apply and highly effective, and can be applied by a roller, brush or sprayer (product dependant).

Features and benefits

  • Prevents weather damage to underlying surface
  • Provides protection from dirt and detritus
  • Dries clear and preserves the natural look of the stone
  • Long lasting and reduces weather damage

Each paving slab sealer product we stock will protect your slabs against sand joint loss, moss, weeds and minor oil stains and marks.  They also contain UV light protection to help protect the stones natural colours and enhance the colour of it too (product dependant).

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