Concrete Sealer

For Sealing All Types of Concrete Surfaces

Browse our range of concrete sealers, ideal for use in heavy trafficked industrial areas and our widely used concrete driveway sealer for domestic environments.

Concrete sealers are a one-step and quick way to tackle concrete flooring problems, to help rejuvenate old concrete flooring or protect freshly laid interior concrete flooring. They are used internally and externally for increased protection against oil and grease stains and staining from water, they are also a great dust proofer.

Our Concrete sealants are hard wearing, moisture cured and are suitable for use in heavy trafficked areas such as workshops, warehouses, distribution units and garages. Our durable sealers are scratch and abrasion resistant, making it ideal for use in big internal industrial areas where a proven sealer is required. Our heavy-duty concrete sealer also makes it much easier to keep flooring clean, and its quick drying feature ensures minimal downtime.

Recommended Areas to Use Concrete Sealer

  • Workshops
  • Garages
  • Warehouses
  • Production areas

Features of Concrete Sealants

  • Hard wearing, clear and moisture curing
  • Ideal for use in heavy wear areas – i.e. factories and warehouses that have forklift trucks and heavy machinery
  • Quick drying – ready for traffic after just 24 hours
  • Provides a tough and scratch resistant clean finish

How to prepare the surface for a concrete floor sealer

Bare concrete

A sweep or a vacuum will be enough to clear a dusty surface. Remove any dirt, light oil or grease and then flush with clean water and allow the surface to dry completely.

New concrete

As a general guide, new concrete should be left to dry for around 8 weeks. Any surface laitance should be removed during the preparation process. If the surface of the new concrete is dirty, clean it in the same way as bare concrete.

How to apply concrete sealer

Firstly, ensure that the surface is completely dry; the best results can be obtained during warm conditions and with good ventilation. Our concrete sealers are designed as a one coat product, however, a second coat can be applied.

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