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Protecting your patio: a guide to patio sealers

6th February 2024

To ensure your patio stands the test of time and weathers the elements gracefully, understanding the importance of patio sealers is crucial. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of patio maintenance, shedding light on aspects such as achieving a great wet-look finish and ensuring you get the right sandstone patio sealer. We also look at how to refresh paving that has already had treatment with paver sealer remover.

As one of the longest-running companies in the industry, we have a collection of tried and tested patio sealers that protect your patio from UV rays, rain and other environmental factors. This also includes making sure your jointing sand is not displaced when power washing. 

Patio block sealer matt finish

For a look that effectively protects patio block but does not have such a treated look, many customers opt for a matt look. Our matt finish paving block sealer achieves an understated result that is focused on making your patio easy to maintain. It is only viable on clay block and concrete block paving but is a very popular choice among our customers who want a long-lasting professional finish. 

Patio block sealer gloss finish

One of the most sought-after finishes for patios is the wet look (or gloss) because it intensifies the colours and textures of your paving stones, providing a stunning end result. 

While there are many products out there, we provide the number one option for customers to achieve a long-lasting gloss effect with their patio. The gloss block patio sealer finish also effectively stops weeds growing through the cracks when applied with sand joints. 


The result is a sleek and polished surface that makes a statement, turning ordinary paving stones into extraordinary focal points. Note that our stone sealer gloss finish product is designed for concrete blocks only. 

Environmentally friendly paving sealer

We provide a unique solvent-free patio sealer suitable for most forms of concrete paving. It ensures an environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable option for patio protection. It seals and protects to help prevent stains and weed growth in and has been used by leading businesses around the world to help them meet their goals around environmental protection.

This is one of our most flexible products and can be used with clay blocks, concrete blocks, concrete flags, concrete slabs and natural stone. It is also viable for indoor spaces but should not be applied around swimming pools. 

Sandstone patio sealer: preserving your look

Sandstone and other natural stone patios are often great-looking options with a unique style, but they are susceptible to weathering and staining. If you have an area of sandstone paving that is not well covered then you may quickly find that the look changes and requires constant maintenance.

Our sandstone patio sealer is a specialised solution designed to penetrate deep into the stone, offering long-lasting protection. This sealer preserves the natural appeal of your sandstone patio, ensuring it remains a low-maintenance and visually stunning outdoor feature for years to come.

We provide a sandstone sealer colour enhancer and an invisible sandstone sealer option for our customers, depending on the look they want to achieve. Both are viable options for natural stone and help protect from both stains and algae growth. They also only require one coat for application. 

Paver sealer remover: a fresh start for your patio

Change is inevitable, and when it’s time to refresh or alter your patio’s appearance, the Paver Sealer Remover becomes an invaluable tool. This solution allows you to safely and effectively strip away old or unwanted sealers from your pavers. It’s the first step towards a renewed and revitalised patio, ready for a fresh coat of sealant.

Our sealant remover is ready to use straight from the container and utilises safe, low-odour water-based technology to achieve the best result. It is viable when removing any paving sealer on any paved surface and restores the surface to its pre-paved condition. 

Choosing the right option

Resiblock has been in the industry longer than any other companies in the UK. We have been providing the very best solutions for patio block paving sealers to both businesses and homeowners for over 30 years. Our products stand the test of time and effectively stop weeds from growing through the cracks when applied with sand joints. 

We know that while there are many options out there, only one option makes sense – the one that lasts the longest, does the best job and comes with a guarantee. That’s us. Our patio sealers are one of the most hard-wearing and long-lasting, which will last for up to 5 years. 

If you would like to have a selection of sealants for testing then we also provide samples (up to four).

At Resiblock, we also place a high value on customer service. If you are unsure which option may be right for you then just talk to us and we can help make sure it is the right fit. We offer comprehensive support for application and a range of products that can help meet the needs of your project perfectly. 

Email us at [email protected] or telephone +44 (0)1268 273344 and one of our friendly team will be happy to help you.