Application Tips for Pattern Imprinted Concrete Sealer

12th August 2021

Are you looking for tips on how to apply pattern imprinted concrete sealer? You’ve come to the right place. Resiblock has developed a range of products to ensure your new PIC driveway installation looks fantastic in the years to come.

PIC is a durable choice of material, that is perfect for handling the British weather – from heavy downpours, hail, snow or sunshine, you can be assured that your surface will look pristine so long as you’ve sealed it with either our gloss or matt solution. Once in place, you’ll also notice that your installation will be weed-free too, saving you hours of manual labour.

So, what is the best way to apply our Patterned Imprint Concrete (PIC Sealer) products?

Check your quantities

Before you begin your application, make sure you have the right volume of your chosen PIC Sealer available. You’ll need to calculate the area you wish to cover and then work out the volume based on a two-coat application. The first coat is expected to be covered at a ratio of 3-5m² per litre, with the second coat applied at around 6-7m².

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The right conditions

Checking the weather is essential before you begin, so if rain, frost or extreme heat is forecast, it’s best to save your application for another time. So long as the temperature falls somewhere within a 5 to 30 degree range, then this is ideal for your sealing project. Depending on the area you wish to seal, you’ll need to put aside at least half a day to apply two coats of Pic Sealer to offer maximum protection of your installation. You should wait at least 1-2 hours between coats and make sure you apply them on the same day for best results.

Protecting the area

As you would with interior decorating, make sure you protect the area around your application. Any flower beds, ponds, fences or other adjacent areas should be covered to prevent splashing. It’s important that the solution doesn’t enter the sewer, surface or ground water for environmental reasons.

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The pattern imprinted concrete sealer application process

Resiblock’s Imprinted Concrete Sealer can be applied with a medium pile length roller for your convenience. Make sure you shake the sealer vigorously beforehand and then apply then apply ensuring a pool of material is always in front of the roller head. It’s important to wear the relevant PPE to prevent eye or skin contact with the solution.

Once you’ve completed your second coat, make sure that no one walks on the surface area for a minimum of two hours. Vehicles shouldn’t drive over the sealed installation for a minimum of 24 hours ideally.

Resiblock offers samples of Pic Sealer so you can try before you buy our matt or gloss pattern imprinted concrete sealer products. If you have any queries or wish to place an order, please contact our team today on 01268 273344.

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