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The Best Porcelain Paving Sealer and How to Use It

4th April 2022

Porcelain paving is a fantastic choice for your next installation. You can expect a durable surface for your garden path or patio, and you can even lay your paving indoors in a garden room or conservatory too. Porcelain paving is constructed from a mix of kaolin, feldspar and quartz, before being baked at high temperatures between 1200 to 1550 degrees Celsius. This produces an appealing finish which is easy to maintain so long as you’re using the right solution.

Resiblock are experts in paving sealer solutions and with extensive knowledge of the market, we recommend using a specialist porcelain paving sealer as the finishing touch to your prized installation. Our top choice is the Resiblock Porcelain and Vitrified Paving Sealer which will cost as little as £0.83 per square meter per year, to provide guaranteed protection.

The sealer comes with a 5-year guarantee following correct installation. Read on to find out more about our outstanding porcelain paving sealer, and why you need to use it for your next project.

Why use porcelain paving sealer?

Without sealing your porcelain paving, there’s a risk of your fresh installation becoming stained or damaged by external conditions. Anything from a spilt drink, oil stains from your garden tools or just general wear and tear can create unsightly patches on your paving. Throw in ice, snow and months of wind or rain, and you’re likely to attract dirt and other types of debris. Algae and moss can frequently form on top of your paving too. But all of this can be avoided when you use a porcelain paving sealer to protect your installation.

What are the benefits of Porcelain and Vitrified Paving Sealer?

Resiblock Porcelain and Vitrified Paving Sealer comes with a 5-year guarantee following correct installation.
The low viscosity sealer, which uses both nano-particle chemistry and poly ionic liquid technology to produce a highly innovative paving protection solution,has some incredible benefits including:

• Guaranteed resistance to staining
• A high degree of chemical resistance
• Sealer is virtually undetectable once in place
• Single coat application
• No specialist products needed – sealer is applied with brush or roller
• Protection for up to 5 years

How to apply your porcelain paving sealer

To begin, make sure you have enough sealer to cover your area of porcelain paving. Resiblock Porcelain and Vitrified Paving Sealer is available in a 5-litre tin, and you can expect 1 litre to cover 8m2. This is a single coat solution.

Always check the weather before you begin as this will affect your application. Make sure you avoid using your sealer if rain, frost or high temperatures are forecast. Ideally, you should apply your sealer on a clear day between 5 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Before you begin application, make sure your porcelain paving has been thoroughly cleaned and that there’s no debris on the surface. If your paving installation is brand-new, wait a minimum of 6 weeks before sealing. When you’re ready, move the sealer into place using a roller or brush. Be careful not to let the sealer pool too much in a single area. You can always use a squeegee to soak up any excess. Leave it to dry and you can expect to walk on your paving within a few hours.

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