Resiblock Sealing Solutions provide Military Grade Protection

3rd February 2020

Resiblock has seen not one, but two of its Commercial Sealers specified for use at the new £300 million Defence College of Logistics, Policing and Administration in Worthy Downs, Hampshire known better as Project Wellesley.

Firstly, Resiblock ’22’ has been installed to seal over 2,300m² on Connaught Road (the road leading up to Worthy Downs Barracks), ensuring that the block paving will remain stabilised under the weight of all footfall and vehicular traffic.

Additionally, Resiblock Resiecco was utilised to seal around 1,200m² of pathways, small roads and presentation areas around the College Building. Not only does Resiblock Resiecco prevent paving failure through football traffic, but also protects against food and drink staining, for those areas around the site’s canteen.

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