How To Prepare Domestic Paving

5th March 2021

With Spring on the way, garden clean-up’s and renovation projects are on the horizon for many. With the current situation, our outside space has never been so important, and we all want to make the most out of it. If you are looking to give your garden or domestic paving a makeover using concrete sealer this season, then here are some handy tips to get you started.

Getting started and preparation

The Spring or Summer months are often the most favourable to start exterior projects. With the ground being drier, working conditions are more manageable. Heavy trafficked areas such as patios, workshops and driveways can all benefit from a concrete sealer being used as part of your upcoming design plans.

It is essential to ensure that you start with a clean and well prepped surface area so this should be high on your list of priorities.

Concrete sealer can be used both internally and externally and offer protection from grease stains, oil and the elements. Our concrete sealers are moisture cured and hard wearing, and their quick drying time is ideal for those requiring a fast turnaround on their project. This ensures that the area is fully usable again in next to no time.

When you are looking to use concrete sealer it is important to find the right product for the job. You can contact us or read our FAQs for advice and we would be pleased to assist. Whether you are looking to refresh and revive your existing patio or driveway or install a new one Resiblock can help with your queries.

Stylish trends and design features

There are some fantastic design trends that homeowners can incorporate into domestic paving projects. Concrete sealer works especially well to protect and stabilise concrete block paving, natural stone slabs, patio slabs and more. Light grey or Sandstone slabs work perfectly with rustic garden furniture. Paving with darker tones can create a modern and minimalist look. If you decide to use Indian sandstone slabs, Resiblock Indian Sandstone Colour Enhancer will finish your patio perfectly.

One of the most popular design trends for patios and driveways at the moment is to use contrasting colours. This can help to identify different areas of use and offers a stylish, practical finish. Using a concrete sealer will ensure that it withstands the test of time, looking good for years to come.

Making the most of your outside space

Once you have designed your perfect patio area you can start to think about more creative ways to use the space. Consider adding a gazebo or sheltered area to make the space versatile all year round. Using a concrete sealer means that you will be left with a non-slip, scratch free surface on which you can place garden furniture or outdoor cooking equipment such as BBQ’s and pizza ovens for entertaining. Once the area is protected with Resiblock, the choices are endless.

For help and advice with Resiblock products, please get in touch and we’d be delighted to help.