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How to Expertly Use Clay Block Paving Sealers

19th April 2021

Clay is a stunning natural material which can be combined with products including gravel or colour pigments to provide you with a fantastic finish for your block paving installation.

It’s hardwearing, naturally non-slip and resistant to strong UV light, which makes it a great choice if you’re planning to use it for any type of patio, driveway or outdoor courtyard area. As its makeup is non-porous, it is unlikely to disintegrate due to excess rainwater or the impact of other natural elements.

Sealing Your Clay Block Paving

To get the most out of your installation, Resiblock recommends that you use strong clay block paving products between the blocks to effectively seal it all in place. As clay is a natural material, you’ll find that each of your pavers differs in terms of size and shape, in comparison to concrete block paving which is moulded. This is where sealant is essential to protect your installation and prevent any sand loss, or even weeds growing between the cracks. Not only are these side-effects visually unappealing, but they can also affect the longevity of your installation unless you use quality sealant products.

Choosing the Best Clay Block Paving Products

To get that expert finish to your clay block paving, consider some of the following professional Resiblock sealing products, which can be swept easily into place once your installation is clean and dry.

Resiblock ’22’

If you’ve used clay block paving for your patio installation, our Resiblock ’22’ sealer is the ideal finishing touch to your project. To prevent those tell-tale problems from occurring between the joints, our sealer can be squeegeed into the cracks which will provide a deep and impenetrable layer of protection for your jointing sand and clay blocks. The particles will bind together so that they can’t be impacted by any downpour, strong winds or even a jet wash. Better still, you won’t spend your weekends digging weeds or algae out from between the cracks.

Resiblock Resiecco

If you’ve used your clay block paving in a commercial setting, or any area which has more traffic than your typical domestic installation, Resiblock Resiecco is a great choice. This solvent-free sealer will provide stability to the jointing sand between the pavers, and also prevents stains from penetrating through to the natural material beneath. Resiecco will ensure that your paving will remain in condition in the years to come.

Resiblock Ultra Matt

Resiblock Ultra Matt is a specialist pre-polymer urethane, or SPPU, which is also known for its excellent resistance against strong UV rays. This popular product is used worldwide in locations as diverse as Woolwich town centre and Disneyland Hong Kong, proving the strength and versatility of the product. If you choose to use it in your own clay block paving installation, you will avoid sand and paving erosion caused by traffic, cleaning or general wear and tear.

Order Your Resiblock Samples

Not sure which are the best clay block paving products for your needs? Resiblock provide testers of our extensive range of products, available from just £7.50 for 4 x 250ml samples. Our experienced customer service team can also be reached on 01268 273344.