The Benefits of Concrete Paving Flags

20th May 2021

The Benefits of Concrete Paving Flags

Are you considering using concrete flags for your next paving installation? You’ll find them to be an excellent choice for a wide range of projects. Here are the top benefits of using concrete paving flags.

Versatile Paving Choice

Concrete flags work in both commercial and residential paving projects. Whether you’re installing a new driveway, a patio or a warehouse floor, concrete is an ideal choice of flooring surface. It’s appropriate for both pedestrian and vehicular traffic and is safe when wet or dry so is great in all weathers.

Concrete pavers might be used in the following environments, although there really are no limits to their use:

  • Driveways
  • Parking spaces
  • Pavements
  • Courtyards
  • Patios
  • Streets
  • Roof gardens
  • Balconies and terraces
  • Retail units
  • Commercial premises

Easy To Maintain

Concrete is low maintenance in comparison to other options such as granite. The durability of the material means that the longevity of your installation is guaranteed so long as you’re willing to commit to some minor maintenance tasks. Resiblock’s range of products such as PatioSeal and Resiecco make it easy to look after your installation. A simple application of our concrete paving sealant will prevent stains and stop algae from forming too.

If a paver becomes damaged over the years, it’s easy to lift the affected flag up, repair the base and bedding sand, then replace with a new stone. This is a simple process that won’t leave any unappealing patches.

Stunning Designs

Concrete pavers come in a vast assortment of shades and shapes. You might opt for a light, cool tone to promote a feeling of calm around a water feature. Alternatively, you could select an earthier shade to blend into the natural surroundings of a garden or courtyard area. Pavers can also be laid in any pattern or design you prefer. Whether you want your concrete paving to fit in with an existing landscaping layout, or want to create an entirely new look, there are no limits as to what you can achieve.

Affordable Paving Choice

As a manmade material, concrete is one of the most cost-effective types of paving flags you could choose. It’s significantly more affordable than other natural pavers made from clay or sandstone for example. To bring down the cost of your project further, DIYers can follow manufacturers guidelines for a straightforward installation. You can use a self-binding sand such as Resifix which sweeps into place like jointing sand and will produce a tight installation that will last for many years.

Weather Resistant

Concrete pavers stand up against the strongest test of all – the UK’s harsh climate. From snow, hail and rain to the brightest of sunshine, you’ll want to know that your installation can handle the most extreme of weather conditions. Cracking isn’t a risk due to the joints between the pavers, which can be protected using our specialist paving sealant products. An application over the surface of your concrete flags will also prevent the sun’s UV rays from penetrating through to the pavers beneath. This will preserve the colour of your concrete, so it continues to look fresh years from now.

For specialist advice on the installation of concrete paving flags and guidance on the best sealant and jointing products to use, please contact Resiblock on 01268 273344.