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The Ultimate Guide to Applying Concrete Block Paving Products

8th June 2021

Concrete block paving is a versatile material which will provide you with a stunning finish for your installation. As an affordable choice, you can lay your pavers in an array of different patterns to produce exactly the configuration you’re looking for. To keep your concrete block paving looking pristine in the years to come, you’ll need to use some of the following enhancement products to provide the perfect finish.

Resiblock Superior Natural Matt

This paving sealant will prevent stains, spills or natural debris from impacting the appearance of your installation. This is a two-coat system, and you can expect 3sqm per litre of coverage with the first coat, and 6sqm per litre with the second. Always apply in dry conditions, within a temperature range of between 3 to 30 degrees Celsius. If you have recently installed your paving, then wait for a minimum of 8 weeks before sealing. For older installations, simply ensure that the surface area is clean and dry before gently smoothing the sealant across the surface using a Resi-Roller on an extension pole. The sealant should cure within 6 hours to accept foot traffic.

Resiblock ‘22’

Resiblock ‘22’ is a specialist pre-polymer urethane (SPPU) jointing sand stabiliser which must be worked into your concrete block paving installation on each day that you’re laying the surface down. It is strongly advised that you don’t wait until the end of the project to sweep this effective material into place. You can use Resiblock ‘22’ straight from the pack, with no thinning or reactive agent required. So long as the surface is clean, dry and free from algae, dust or other natural build-up, simply sweep the product into place using a Resiblock Squeegee. Always make sure that rain isn’t forecast within the next 8 hours, and that the temperature falls between 3 and 30 degrees Celsius. A second coat of this product is not usually required.

Resiblock Patioseal Environmental

If you’re sealing a concrete block paving patio installation, then Resiblock Patioseal Environmental is an ideal product for you. It offers 2 square metres per litre of coverage if you’re using sand joints, or 4 square metres per litre of coverage for mortar joints. Upon application, the product will penetrate deep down into the paving block itself as well as the jointing sand, and bind each together to offer exceptional protection from natural elements and power washers.

Once the surface is clean and dry, simply sweep into place and allow to cure. The solvent free makeup of this product means that it is eco-friendly whilst offering excellent stabilisation of your installation.

Resiblock Superior Gloss

This block paving sealer lasts for up to 5 years and is the only product in Europe to come with a no oil stains guarantee. It provides a wet look surface and will not chip or allow weeds to penetrate through any gaps.  You’ll need two coats of Resiblock Superior Gloss but always make sure that the surface is dry first to prevent any discolouration or problems with adhesion. Jointing Sand is to be filled to the chamfer of the block rather than the surface to avoid it being picked up by your Resi-Roller. All sand should be removed from your paving surface to avoid it being picked up by your Resi-Roller. You can use Resiblock Superior Gloss in an Easi-Clean Resi-Scuttle to prevent the need for constant refills but make sure you don’t dilute this product before use.

These are application guidelines for just a selection of Resiblock’s concrete block paving product range. For further guidance or to place an order, please contact us today on 01268 273344.