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Resiblock the Best Form of Defence

21st June 2018

Resiblock the Best Form of Defence

In September of 2017, Defence Munitions Crombie specified, through their contractors Carillion Amey, Resiblock ‘22’ for the sealing and stabilisation of refurbished Concrete Block Paving at their base in West Fife, Scotland.

The base serves mainly as a loading/off-loading bay for Royal Navy warships, as well as a storage unit for Royal Air Force weaponry. As such, with an array of heavy duty vehicles being used on site, a sealant that would not only stabilise the paving from such traffic, but also to prevent any fuel infiltration that may occur, was required at the Ministry of Defence site.

After discussions, Resiblock ‘22’ was recommend by Resiblock, and ultimately specified by Carillion Amey, as this globally utilised jointing stabiliser can prevent fuel infiltration with the application of a second coat. This now sees DM Crombie join the list of MoD sites sealed with Resiblock including; RAF Spadeadam and RAF Kinloss.