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Our Recommended Products for Natural Stone Paving

15th March 2021

Natural stone products are a stunning choice of material for any type of paving installation. Whether you’re paving a driveway, patio, or a courtyard, you can be assured that natural stone has many benefits. If you’re looking for a surface that looks entirely authentic and is packed full of charm and character, then natural stone is far superior to manmade alternatives. It’s easy to clean and is resistant to frost, however, you will need to install it correctly to make the most of your natural paving investment.

Resiblock stocks a wide range of natural stone paving products for commercial and domestic use. Check out some of our essential buys here.

Natural Stone Colour Enhancer

Part of the appeal of natural stone is its unique blend of earthy tones, but these will fade over time when exposed to the sun’s harsh UV rays unless you apply a sealant. To keep your natural paving looking radiant in years to come, apply a coat of Resiblock’s Indian Sandstone Sealer Colour Enhancer to seal that vibrancy in place. Our sealing products will protect your investment for up to 5 years, which is an incredibly low maintenance solution. Additionally, by sealing your paving, you can be assured that it won’t be impacted by stains from oil, beverages or dirt.

Resiblock’s Indian Sandstone Sealer Invisible product is an alternative, which provides an entirely transparent barrier and long-term resistance to the surface area.

Natural Stone Patio Sealer

Resiblock’s Patioseal Environmental sealer is vital for any new or freshly maintained patio installation. Natural stone can make a stunning patio surface, but after a while, you’ll notice problems occurring between the joints unless you’ve applied specialist sealant. Our Patioseal Environmental product will penetrate deep into each block of paving and jointing sand, effectively binding all the particles together to provide a robust barrier against natural elements. You can be assured that your jointing sand won’t be blasted away during a jet wash, and additionally that weeds or algae won’t form between the cracks.

Commercial Sealant for High Traffic Areas

Resiblock Resiecco is a solvent free paving sealer which is great for covering high-traffic areas. When you install natural paving in a commercial environment, you’ll want the assurance of knowing that it will remain in excellent condition. Whether you need to seal a station platform, a hospital floor, a concert venue or a public realm high street, Resiblock Resiecco will stabilise the jointing sand and completely resist any hint of a stain.

Self Binding Sand

Resifix is an innovative solution comprising of self binding jointing sand which can be used for home paving systems. It can be swept into place just as you would with standard jointing sand, and it simply activates with the water to provide the perfect seal between joints.

If you’re not sure which Resiblock products are the best choice for your installation, we offer a range of 4 x 250ml samples from as little as £7.99. Our knowledgeable customer service team are also available on 01268 273344 to provide expert guidance on your next natural stone paving project. Contact us today for more info.