Bedford Square, Tavistock

18th August 2017

Devon County Council completes paving with Resiblock

Following the completion of paving reparation works and installation of new paving at Bedford Square in Tavistock, Devon County Council have purchased Resiblock ‘22’ A/F (Architects Finish) to seal, stabilise and protect the paved areas at this historic site.

Home to the Tavistock Town Hall, which belonged to the Bedford Estates until 1911, Bedford square is a hive of activity on a daily basis, and therefore the failing of paving, and possible trip hazards, was something that Devon County Council were looking to prevent.

Devon County Council placed their trust in Resiblock due to the historical successes of sites such as Silver Street (for Leicester City Council) and Station Boulevard (for Coventry City Council). Resiblock ‘22’ A/F was recommended due to its sand stabilisation and stain resistance qualities, as well as its striking appearance on the Marshalls Appleton Yorkstone Slabs that have been used on site.