How to Apply Resiblock Sealers

Application of Resiblock sealers – we are asked about this quite often – so here is the quick run-down on the block paving tools and paving treatments you need to know about. Are you laying patio slabs or maybe natural stone wall and floor tiles? Learn how to seal block paving below whether you are laying Marshall block paving or Bradstone paving with our paving sealing solutions, and their application guidelines.

Application of Resiblock sealers to a driveway, path or patio is actually very straightforward and so for the DIY person, here is a simple process:

  • Clean paving thoroughly with a pressure washer, remove all traces of weeds, algae stains, lichen and any other old stain
  • Ensure the entire area is completely dry, clean and free of debris before sealing
  • Only refill the joints with kiln dried sand on the same day as application
  • Check that no sand remains on the surface of the paving
  • Before commencing sealing ensure that you have the correct application tools and sufficient RESIBLOCK sealer to complete the task (see below)
  • Use a brush, roller or squeegee and apply the paving sealer as per the product’s own application guidelines (see below)

How to know whether you have enough sealer / how much to buy

Each sealer for paving in the Resiblock range has its own “coverage” measured in metres squared. Thus, a 5 Litre tin of one sealer may not have the same coverage as a 5 Litre tin of another sealer. We clearly indicate the coverage for each product in our product list so if you know the area of your paving to be sealed, you can work out how much sealer you need. To help, we have a calculation you can follow on the FAQ page too if you need to convert from yards or feet to metres. If you need advice on which product is best suited to your particular paving surface, see whether there is a green tick marking suitability for that paving type on the product list. If you need more help, you can always contact Resiblock for friendly advice over the phone.

Where to download / find each product’s application guidelines

On our list of products page, you will see a blue “More Info” button with each product and if you click on it for RESIBLOCK Superior, for example, you will see all the information you need on RESIBLOCK Superior including links to downloadable PDF documents.

Can you just pay someone to apply your sealer instead?

Of course and we can help. We have a database of contractors based all around the UK so hopefully there are some in your area. We advise customers to always get quotes and ask as many questions as you feel necessary too (Resiblock Limited cannot and do not offer any guarantee, warranty or otherwise with regard to the standard of workmanship undertaken by such Contractors and, therefore, cannot be held liable or responsible for the application of its products)

Is your question on applying a Resiblock sealer answered here?

If not, try our FAQ page first and then contact us – we are always keen to help you get it right first time and every time.