Resiblock have batted away the competition to become the sealer of choice for Waltham Cross, New Town Square.

The project sees the transformation of the vehicular turning areas, south of the Eleanor Cross monument, into a high quality, family friendly town square.

Through rigorous testing, Resiblock were able to show the superiority of Resiblock Ultra Matt in comparison to a number of alternatives, by providing higher levels of both stain protection and sand stabilisation.

Resiblock’s previous success at Bedford Square in Tavistock and Havelock Square in Swindon, further showed that Resiblock was the best sealer of choice for this Town Square transformation.

As part of plans to solve Oxfordshire’s housing woes, Resiblock have combined with Croudace Homes and South Oxfordshire District Council to provide sealing solutions for ‘Willowbrook Park’, Didcot.

Under the ‘Willowbrook Park’ plans, Resiblock ’22’ has been utilised to seal and stabilise Concrete Block paving that formed the pathway and roadways to a key landscaped area on Mersey Way.

These works further seal Resiblock’s reputation in the Didcot area, following the successful installation of Resiblock ’22’ at the Bloor Homes site of ‘The Greenway’ in 2017.

Resiblock Sealers make Waves with

South Tyneside Council

Resiblock & South Tyneside have once again combined to provide quality sealing solutions in South Shields.

Following successful sealing works of Resiblock ’22’ A.F in Ocean Road, South Tyneside realised that nothing could come close to “The Worlds Favourite Paving Sealer” Resiblock, when sealing works were specified for Sea Road in South Shields.

The seafront location comprised of both Concrete Block Paving and Concrete Slabs and therefore Resiblock ’22’ A.F was the perfect product due to its ability to seal and stabilise a variety of pavers, as shown in the Ocean Road sealing works. 

Cheadle is provided with a Corridor of Certainty with Resiblock Treatment

Resiblock have combined with Rosgal Ltd to provide sealing solutions for Stockport Councils Cheadle Corridor Scheme.

Resiblock were specified by Stockport Council, and following consultations with Rosgal, Resiblock Resiecco has now been manufactured for site, which has seen both new paving and an extension to paved cycle lanes installed.

Resiblock Resiecco will provide both joint stabilisation and long-term paver protection to both the Concrete Block Paving and Concrete Slabs that have been laid. This marks the second installation of Resiblock Resiecco for Stockport Council following successful sealing works at Bridgefield Street in 2017.

Resiblock and Huddersfield University have recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of successful sealing works of Resiblock ’22’.

Back in the Spring of 2014, as part of the design and construction of a £21.5-million Learning and Leisure Centre, nearly 1000m² of Clay Block Paving was installed at the University’s main campus. With the university now able to handle 24,000 students per year, concerns were raised over the possibility of sand erosion caused by the trafficking of pedestrians.

Following trials, Resiblock beat off competition thanks to the simple yet durable one coat application of Resiblock ’22’. In the five years since the first application of Resiblock ’22’, the clay block paving at Huddersfield University remains strong and stable, with the sand joints fully intact.


Resiblock Provide Rialto Homes with Quay Sealing Solution


Rialto Homes & Resiblock Stand the Test of Time

Resiblock and Rialto Homes are celebrating the 15th anniversary of the successful sealing of the Hewetts Quay site in Barking.

Barking and Dagenham Council had anticipated that any flooding from the local River Roding would lead to removal of jointing sand and the potential for destabilisation of the bedding sand. With the use of Clay Blocks at Hewetts Quay this risk was further heightened.

Resiblock liaised with both Rialto Homes and Barking and Dagenham Council and Resiblock ‘22’ was installed in the Spring of 2004. In the 15 years since, Resiblock ‘22’ has withstood all minor flooding that has occurred in the area, whilst also protecting against trafficking in the area.

London Bridge is Safe and Sound with Resiblock


As part of Network Rails £6bn Thameslink Programme the redevelopment of London Bridge Station started in 2013.  With new paving installed, it was anticipated by Network Rail and main contractors Lorclon Ltd, that cleaning regimes would serve to remove the jointing sand leading to de-stabilisation of the paving and causing hazards such as tripping accidents.


The success of Resiblock Resiecco at The 02 Arena and Sir Matt Busby Way at Manchester United Football Club, where similar problems associated with the paving where major concerns, played a key role in the selection process of the sealer.


Resiblock Technicians attended and advised on application and spread rate of Resiblock Resiecco and the one coat application allowed the station to remain open during installation.


Burslem in the Market for Resiblock


As part of Stoke-on-Trent City Council’s plans for the former bustling market town of Burslem, Resiblock has been installed to help provide paver stabilisation and stain protection. Resiblock was also installed to help with the Council’s objective to improve the appearance of Burslem.

Following the renovation of paving in the area of Market Place and Westport Road, two of Resiblock Commercial Sealers, Resiblock ‘22’ and Resiblock ‘22’ A.F were used on the Concrete Block Paving and Chinese Sandstone respectively.

Resiblock as Safe as Houses for Pennyfarthing Homes


Resiblock and Pennyfarthing Homes have combined to ensure the protection and stabilisation of paving and roadways at the new Alexandra Meadows development in Hampshire.

Following testing by site engineers WSP, Resiblock ‘22’ was approved to be used at Alexandra Meadows on all the Local Highway Authority roads. The products success at the Bloor Homes site of ‘The Greenway’ in Didcot, where LHA roadways are also made up of Concrete Block Paving, led to WSP recommending the use of Resiblock ‘22’ to Hampshire County Council.


Resiblock Celebrate 15 Year Partnership with Hong Kong International Airport


A 15 Year Partnership between a company and their client is always a cause for celebration, and with the recent manufacturing of nearly 20,000 Litres of the ‘Legendary’ Resiblock ‘22’, both Resiblock Ltd and Hong Kong International Airport celebrated in style.

Coming in at almost 50,000m², the latest works are the largest single area at Chek Lap Kok Airport to be sealed with Resiblock ‘22’ since the partnership ‘took off’ in 2003. The latest sealing works will take the total area sealed by Resiblock at Hong Kong International Airport to over 175,000m², that’s an area almost the size of Vatican City!

The ongoing trust placed by Hong Kong International Airport in Resiblock has seen the British company provided sealing solutions annually since 2010.